Goodyear Fuelmax S Tyres: A New Era of Fuel Efficiency for Drivers

Posted December 5, 2023

In the world of transport and logistics, fuel efficiency is a paramount concern. The Goodyear Fuelmax S Gen-2 tyre emerges as a significant innovation in this space, combining advanced technology with practical features to offer an unparalleled driving experience. This comprehensive review delves into various aspects of the Goodyear Fuelmax S Tyres, highlighting their capabilities and benefits for drivers and fleet operators alike.

Introduction to Goodyear Fuelmax S Tyres

The Goodyear Fuelmax S Tyres, part of the Fuelmax Gen-2 range, represent a leap forward in tyre technology focused on fuel efficiency. These tyres are not just designed for highway use but are also suitable for limited regional applications. They are versatile and deliver low rolling resistance, significantly driving down fuel costs and CO2 emissions​​​​.

Design and Technology

#1 IntelliMax Rib Technology

The Goodyear Fuelmax S Gen-2 tyres incorporate the IntelliMax Rib Technology. This design features stiffener bridges in the center grooves that connect when the tyre rolls through its footprint. This mechanism creates a stiffer design and limits wear, ensuring precise handling, high mileage, and low rolling resistance​​.

#2 “Flexomatic” Sipes

Another innovative feature is the deep “Flexomatic” sipes. These sipes close during the rolling phase, causing the tread blocks to interlock and make the tread stiffer. This technology contributes to shorter braking distances throughout the tyre’s life, high mileage, and 3PMSF (Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake) capability, all while maintaining low rolling resistance​​.

#3 Abrasion-Resistant Tread Compound

The Fuelmax S Gen-2 tyres are constructed with a fuel-saving, highly abrasion-resistant tread compound. This chemical formulation is designed for cool running capabilities and features strong links in the polymer network for high abrasion resistance. The result is a tyre with low rolling resistance combined with excellent treadwear resistance, maximising mileage potential​​.

#4 Regular Footprint Pressure Distribution

The design ensures even footprint pressure distribution across the tread surface, guaranteeing regular wear. The footprint shape remains stable throughout the tyre’s life, leading to regular tread wear and high mileage​​.

Sizes and Ratings

The Goodyear Fuelmax S G2 is available in 7 sizes, ranging from 295/60 R22 to 385/65 R22. Regarding performance ratings, 57% of these tyres have a “B” wet grip rating, and most (100%) have a “B” fuel-saving rating. The noise levels for most dimensions are average, with 57% producing 71db noise, resulting in a “B” overall rating​​​​.

Versatility and Applications

According to a Goodyear expert, the Fuelmax Gen-2 range, including the Fuelmax S tyres, is ideal for drivers prioritising fuel efficiency. Unlike the Fuelmax Performance, which is a highway-only specialist, the Fuelmax S Gen-2 tyres can be used on a variety of roads, offering flexibility in reducing fuel costs​​.


The Goodyear Fuelmax S Tyres stand out as a prime example of innovation in tyre technology aimed at enhancing fuel efficiency. Their advanced design features, ranging from IntelliMax Rib Technology to the abrasion-resistant tread compound, not only reduce fuel costs and emissions but also ensure durability and versatility. These tyres are a testament to Goodyear’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of modern transportation, offering a sustainable and efficient solution for a variety of driving conditions.