Regional Haul Tyres: Benefits, Types, and Features

Posted January 10, 2024

Trucking across the vast landscapes of Australia, from bustling cities to sprawling outbacks, demands reliable and efficient tyres. This is where regional haul tyres come into play, offering a perfect blend of durability and performance for medium-distance trucking needs.

What Are Regional Haul Tyres?

Regional haul tyres are specially designed for trucks that primarily operate within a 300-mile radius. These tyres are a common sight on vehicles in sectors such as public utilities, government, food distribution, and manufacturing​​. They are tailored for trucks that travel on secondary routes, highways, and two-lane roads, with drivers typically returning to their home base nightly.

The Benefits of Choosing Regional Haul Tyres

  1. Durability and Resistance: Regional haul tyres are built to withstand the rigours of start/stop operations, lateral scrub, and heal/toe wear and tear, ensuring longer tyre life and fewer replacements​​.
  2. Fuel Efficiency: Low rolling resistance is a key feature of these tyres, helping to improve fuel efficiency – a crucial factor in cost-saving for fleet operators​​​​​​.
  3. Advanced Technology: The incorporation of advanced technologies in tread design and compound formulation in brands like Cooper Work Series RHT 2 and Hankook SmartFlex range ensure even treadwear and high scrub resistance, enhancing overall tyre performance​​​​.
  4. Safety and Maintenance Features: Features like the Wear Square visual indicator aid in monitoring tread life and detecting alignment issues, contributing to safer and more efficient operations​​.

Types of Regional Haul Tyres

  1. Cooper Work Series RHT 2: Known for its low rolling resistance, high scrub tread compound, and durability in spread axle applications​​.
  2. Yokohama Tire’s 114R: A popular choice for regional haul and spread-axle operations, offering durability and improved mileage.
  3. Hankook SmartFlex AL51 and DL51: These tyres boast carbon-silica dual filler system for improved fuel efficiency and a unique mixing system to reduce heat generation​​.

Making the Right Choice

When selecting regional haul tyres, consider factors like the typical route, load weight, and driving conditions your fleet encounters. Tyres like the Cooper Work Series RHT 2 or Hankook SmartFlex are excellent choices for varied regional routes, offering a balance of durability, efficiency, and safety.

Brendale Goodyear: Your Partner in Tyre Excellence

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FAQs on Regional Haul Tyres

What sets regional haul tyres apart from long-haul tyres?

Regional haul tyres are designed for shorter distances and more varied road conditions, whereas long-haul tyres are meant for longer, smoother highway travel.

How does tyre technology affect fuel efficiency?

Technologies like low rolling resistance and advanced compounding reduce the energy needed to keep the tyre rolling, thus improving fuel efficiency.

Can regional haul tyres be retreated?

Yes, many regional haul tyres are designed for retreading, extending their life and reducing overall costs.

What should I consider when choosing a regional haul tyre?

Consider factors like route type, load weight, and expected mileage to ensure you select a tyre that meets your specific needs.