Summer, Winter, or All-Season tyres: Which Is Better?

Posted May 23, 2023

Purchasing new tyres for your vehicle can be tricky. That’s because you can find a few different options available. Before approaching a shop like Brendale Goodyear to buy tyres, you should know what the best tyres available for your vehicle are. There are three main types of tyres, named summer tyres, winter tyres, and all-season tyres. How can you figure out what the best option out of these is? Continue to read this guide and we will share all details. 

Summer Tyres 

You should equip your vehicle with summer tyres during the summer season. These are the tyres designed for weather conditions above 7 degrees Celsius. During the summer season, you can expect roads to retain heat. As a result, summer tyres are made from a unique composition of rubber. In other words, these tyres can soften faster in milder temperatures. As a result, they can easily adapt according to dry and wet road conditions.

What are the benefits of summer tyres?

It is a must to get summer tyres during the summer season. Let’s take a look at the most prominent benefits that summer tyres can offer.

They have a bigger tread block, lower tread depth, and fewer grooves.

When you take a look at summer tyres, you will notice that they have a larger treat block. It provides a better contact area between the tyre and road. When there is more grip, you can have better handling of the vehicle. In the meantime, lower tread depth and fewer grooves can help you secure more stability as you take corners. Likewise, you can also reduce your braking distance on both wet and dry roads. This is ideal for any vehicle that you drive during warm weather conditions.

Less friction at higher temperatures

The composition of summer tyres has unique compounds, which can remain firm during high temperatures. This is capable of reducing the rolling resistance. In other words, your vehicle will require to spend less energy to keep the tyre moving. This will eventually benefit you by providing better fuel efficiency. It will not just help you to save money on fuel but can also make your vehicle spend less carbon into the air.

It is the standard OEM tyre for passenger vehicles.

All passenger vehicles in Australia are sold with summer tyres. The main reason why car manufacturers prefer to go ahead with summer tyres is that they provide better handling with reduced fuel consumption. Moreover, you can expect to receive a better performance in the Australian weather conditions. If you go to a car dealership and buy a new vehicle, there is a high possibility for it to come with summer tyres.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are the ones that you should get for your vehicle during the winter season. In other words, these tyres are designed to perform at temperatures under 7 degrees Celsius. You can easily identify winter tyres by looking at them. That’s because they have a mountain or snowflake symbol on the sidewalls. This symbol indicates that the tyre is ideal to be used during winter conditions.

If you take a look at the composition of winter tyres, you will understand that they have a higher natural rubber composition. This is why these tyres are capable of managing cold weather conditions. Even during cold winter months, winter tyres can help you maintain a proper grip on the road.

What are the benefits of winter tyres? 

Now it’s the time to go through the benefits that winter tyres can offer in cold temperatures. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

Better grip on slush and snow 

Winter tyres have narrow cuts within their tread. These are known as siping. Siping is responsible for offering a better grip on slush and snow. That’s because the narrow cuts are capable of creating additional biting edges for enhancing grip on slippery surfaces. They can help the tyre to flex effectively. As a result, it can enhance tyre content on the road and deliver better traction. When you drive with winter tyres on the road, you can have better control over your vehicle.

Thick and deep grooves 

Another great thing about winter tyres is that they have thick and deep grooves. This can be beneficial when you drive on a road with a buildup of snow. In fact, they can trap and compact snow, which provides better traction. That’s why you are capable of having better control over your vehicle as you drive on icy and snowy roads.

When the tyre is rolling over snow, the grooves will compress snow. As a result, it is capable of creating a snow-on-snow grip effect. This will improve the ability that a tyre has to maintain a stable driving experience, even during winter road conditions.

Optimized tread pattern

Even the tread pattern in winter tyres is optimised uniquely. This provides ability for the tyres to deal with excessive debris and water on the road. This tread pattern is quite unique. It is capable of dispersing water and slush in an effective manner. In the meantime, it can also reduce the overall risk of encountering hydroplaning. The end result is that you can receive added protection when you go over mud and rocks on the road. They will not get stuck into the tyre. As a result, you can maintain optimal safety and performance during winter driving situations.

All-season tyres

All-season tyres, which are also known as all-weather tyres are the ones that you can use during both winter and summer weather conditions. These tyres combine the features of both summer tyres and winter tyres. In other words, they are capable of adapting to both cold and warm weather conditions. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of changing tyres a couple of times during the year, you may think about purchasing all-weather tyres. If you are planning to buy all-season tyres in Australia, you may get in touch with our tyre shop

What are the benefits of all-reason tyres? 

There are quite a few reasons available for you to go ahead with all-weather tyres as well. Let’s take a look at those reasons in detail.

Consistent performance throughout the year

All-weather tyres are capable of delivering consistent performance to you throughout the entire year. That’s because their rubber composition ensures the perfect balance between the best summer tyres and winter tyres. This is an intermediate compound. Hence, you can maintain both the shape and flexibility of the tyre during the year. As a result, you can get a consistent performance, no matter what the month is. If you are planning to get a safe and comfortable driving experience regardless of the weather, you should buy all-weather tyres. 

Optimal performance with sipes 

You can find siping in all-weather tyres as well. However, siping is available to a lesser extent when compared to winter tyres. This unique tread pattern can help you when you drive on wet surfaces to improve your grip. In other words, you will be able to have more biting edges on the tires as you drive on a wet road. This can promote effective water evacuation.

All-weather tyres are the best when you are driving your vehicle during heavy rainfall. That’s because you can minimize the overall risk of hydroplaning. In other words, you can maintain stability and control as you drive in wet road conditions.

Intermediate grove depth 

The intermediate grove depth that you can find in all-weather tyres can help you to manage ice and snow on the roads. The intermediate grove depth that you can find in these tyres falls in between the deep and shallow groves of winter and summer tyres. As a result, you can get these tyres to handle light snow in a more effective way. However, they can also deliver decent performance to you on both wet and dry roads.

All-weather tyres would not perform like winter tyres during the colder months of the year. However, they are a versatile solution available for drivers who have to drive through mixed weather conditions. 

What is the best tyre to buy? 

Now you are aware of summer, winter, and all-weather tyres. Since weather conditions in Australia are quite unpredictable, you need to make sure that you are buying the right type of tyre at all times. Make sure that you take a look at the information we shared in this article and then make a decision about purchasing tyres.

No matter what tyre you decide to buy, you should also make sure that you work with a reputable supplier to get them. This is where you can get in touch with Brendale Goodyear. They will be able to understand your needs and provide you with the right type of tyre to cater to your needs. Make sure that you work with such an expert and invest in the right tyres. Then you can experience a secure, stable, and hassle-free driving experience on the road.