Tackle Tough Terrain with Confidence: The Goodyear Offroad ORD Tyre

Posted January 2, 2024

Embarking on a rugged journey requires a companion as resilient as your spirit. The Goodyear Offroad ORD tyre stands as a testament to durability and performance, engineered specifically for those who dare to confront the untamed wilderness. Here’s a deep dive into what makes these tyres the ultimate choice for off-road enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Unyielding Performance for Every Terrain

The Goodyear Offroad ORD is a marvel of engineering, designed to tackle the most challenging terrains. It comes in a wide range of sizes, from 14/0 R20 up to 325/95 R24, ensuring a perfect fit for a variety of vehicles​​. These tyres are a product of meticulous American craftsmanship, boasting a majority “B” wet grip rating and a “D” fuel-saving rating across most dimensions. The attention to detail extends to its noise levels, with 50% of the tyres producing a moderate 75db, leading to an overall “b” noise rating​​.

Robust Features for the Rugged Paths

The Offroad ORD doesn’t just promise durability; it’s built to deliver. With deep non-skid tread and massive block geometry, these tyres ensure secure off-road traction on diverse surfaces and improved resistance to cuts. They’re equipped with deep, wide shoulder grooves for self-cleaning, reducing stone retention and boosting traction. Overlapping blocks promote even wear, extending tyre life and retreadability, while the dedicated off-road tread compound increases resistance to tearing and cutting​​.

Durability Meets Innovation

Designed for severe service conditions, the Offroad ORD excels in mining and tough construction site applications. It’s not just about traction; these tyres are also about longevity. They’re engineered to generate less heat, ensuring they last longer even in high-speed applications like military or emergency use. This low heat generation, combined with features like massive block geometry and deep, wide shoulder grooves, means you get a tyre that’s not just tough, but also durable and long-lasting​​.

Your Adventure, Our Commitment

At Brendale Goodyear, we’re not just selling tyres; we’re offering a promise of quality and endurance. Our Offroad ORD tyres are a reflection of our commitment to providing you with products that enhance your off-road experiences. As a leading tyre shop in Brendale, we also offer tyre fitting services, ensuring that your journey towards adventure is as smooth as possible.


What makes Goodyear Offroad ORD tyres suitable for off-road conditions?

The Offroad ORD tyres are designed with deep non-skid tread, massive block geometry, and deep, wide shoulder grooves for secure traction, improved resistance to cuts, and self-cleaning capabilities, making them ideal for off-road conditions.

How does the size range of Offroad ORD tyres benefit consumers?

With sizes ranging from 14/0 R20 to 325/95 R24, the Offroad ORD tyres cater to a wide variety of vehicles, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance for different needs.

What features contribute to the durability of the Offroad ORD tyres?

Features like massive block geometry, deep, wide shoulder grooves, overlapping blocks, and a dedicated off-road tread compound contribute to the durability, longevity, and resistance to tearing and cutting of the tyres.

Can I get my Offroad ORD tyres fitted at Brendale Goodyear?

Yes, at Brendale Goodyear, we offer tyre fitting services along with a wide range of Offroad ORD tyres to ensure your vehicle is equipped for your next adventure.