Tyre Repair or Replacement: When to Choose Which Option

Posted April 3, 2024

Tyres are an important component of any vehicle. They provide you with a safe and comfortable ride on the road. Similar to other components of your car, tyres are subjected to wear and tear along with time. This is where you will have to go ahead with tyre repair or replacement at some point. This is why you should be aware of when to repair or replace tyres. From this article, we will indicate the signs of when to repair or replace them. Whether you have Goodyear tyres or tyres from any other brand, you can follow this article.

When to repair tyres? 

If your tyres don’t have any significant tyre damage, you can go ahead with repairs. Here are some of the instances where you can repair them.

Small tyre punctures 

If the tyre puncture is less than 6mm in diameter, you can go ahead and repair it. Such punctures can happen due to nails, screws, or other similar sharp objects. When you drive over them, they can penetrate the surface of the tyre. However, you should be in a position to detect the damage early and remove the object. That’s why you need to be mindful of tyre pressure and tyre maintenance at all times.

Minor damages that don’t impact structural integrity 

Some damage to your tyre will not compromise its overall integrity or tyre lifespan. In such situations, you can think about repairing the tyres. A few examples of such damage include small cuts, scrapes, or shallow surface damage that curbs or road debris can create. However, it is better if you can inspect the damage by an expert before deciding.

Your tyre is not five years old, and you have sufficient tyre tread 

Age and tyre tread are the two most important factors that determine tyre wear. If you have a sufficient depth of at least 1.6mm, you can proceed with repairs for minor damages. This is why you need to pay attention to proper tyre rotation and tyre alignment. Such activities can help you to maintain overall tyre tread depth for a longer period of time. Such tyre inspection can also enhance tyre safety. 

When to replace tyres? 

Tyre repair costs can be cheaper than replacement. But if you need to go ahead with tyre replacement, you should not hesitate to do it. It will help you with enhancing overall tyre safety. Here are a few of the common situations where you should consider going for a tyre replacement.

Damage to tyre sidewall 

Tyre sidewalls play a major role in the overall structural integrity of your tyre. When you notice any significant damage to the sidewalls, you need to proceed with replacing them. Such damage can happen due to impacts with potholes, curbs, and road debris. If you ignore sidewall damage, you will end up with a sudden tyre failure on the road. Such a situation can result in serious accidents.

Significant tyre punctures 

If the tyre puncture is more than 6mm in diameter, you will not be able to proceed with puncture repair. That’s because the hole is large enough to compromise the overall structure of the tyre. If you try to repair such a puncture, you will be subjecting it to rapid deterioration. This will create a negative impact on the overall tyre lifespan. Hence, tyre replacement would be the best option to consider. 

Tyre tread depth under 1.6mm 

If the tyre tread depth is under 1.6mm, it is not a good thing to repair your tyre. Instead, it would be better to replace it. Tread depth plays a major role in the overall functionality of your car. It helps you with proper handling, traction, and even braking performance. It would be a good thing to replace the tyres even if you see excessive tread wear with uneven tyre wear patterns. Along with that, you must get wheel alignment as well.

Your tyres are over 5 years old 

Whether you use seasonal tyres, run-flat tyres, or normal tyres, they have an expiry date. After 5 years, you are nearing the expiry date of your tyre. This is why you should go ahead with a tyre replacement. If you do a cost-benefit analysis of tyre replacement, you will notice that replacing is the better option to consider.

Final words

Now you have a clear indication of when to repair and replace your tyres. Always pay special attention to proper maintenance and tyre pressure monitoring. Then you can extend the overall lifespan of tyres. If you need any support with replacing or repairing tyres in Brisbane, you can contact Brendale Goodyear. Make sure that you go for a reputable tyre brand like Goodyear tyres when replacing. It will help you to get the maximum return for the amount you spend on tyres.