What’s New in Goodyear’s Tyre Technology?

Posted March 8, 2024

As a vehicle owner in North Brisbane, You should always get the best-fitting tyres for your vehicle. Among different tyre brands available in Australia, Goodyear tyres hold a prominent place. That’s mainly due to the innovative technologies that you can find in them. Before buying new Goodyear tyres, it is worth learning more about Goodyear tyre technology. Then you will figure out what you are getting on the tyres you invest for your car.

Air Maintenance Technology 

Do you want your tyres to maintain proper tyre pressure at all times? It will not be a challenge with Goodyear tyres. That’s because these tyres come along with Air Maintenance Technology. This technology makes Goodyear tyres self-inflating. In other words, they are capable of maintaining proper tyre pressure throughout. 

This tyre innovation can contribute a lot towards your fuel efficiency on the road. On top of that, maintaining proper tyre pressure would reduce your vehicle emissions. This can also extend the overall lifetime of your tyre. As a result, this advanced technology can help you get the most out of your investment in Goodyear tyres. On top of all the benefits mentioned above, the most prominent benefit is the contribution it makes to vehicle performance. You will be able to maintain ideal vehicle performance on the road at any given time. 

Air Maintenance Technology is a perfect example of advanced tyre engineering. There is an internal regulator, which continues to sense inflation pressure. When internal pressure drops below a pre-defined PSI, the regulator would open up. Then it will allow air to go into the pumping tube. 

While your tyre is rotating, the deformations of the tyre would flatten the tube. This will push air through the inlet valve effectively. As a result, you will be able to maintain ideal air pressure at any given time. 

IntelliGrip Technology 

Among cutting-edge features that you can find in Goodyear tyres, IntelliGrip technology holds a prominent place. This technology allows Goodyear tyres to communicate with autonomous vehicle control systems.  

Through IntelliGrip technology, Goodyear tyres can sense road conditions. It includes both weather conditions as well as the road surface. With the help of Active Wear Technology, these tyres can also assess the condition of the vehicle and the tyre. Then the tyres can automatically adjust to the road conditions. 

For example, tyre advancements and rubber technology can sense a slippery or rainy surface. Based on that, autonomous vehicles will be able to adjust their speed accordingly. Moreover, these tyres can reduce the overall stopping distance. It also enhances tyre stability while delivering better cornering responses. The best thing about IntelliGrip technology is that it can also support the functionality of collision prevention systems.

SoundComfort Technology 

When you are driving a vehicle, you expect to hear the least noise inside the cabin as much as possible. Goodyear tyres can help you with it through SoundComfort technology. It reduces vehicle noise by around 50%. This is one of the cutting-edge features that you can find in these tyres. 

It is interesting to notice how this tyre development advancement works as well. It attaches a foam ring to the inner surface of the Goodyear tyre. It is a proven method of reducing the interior noise of a vehicle. To reduce noise, you will not be compromising the overall performance of the vehicle. Hence, you will not need to go for any other special performance enhancements. It provides a peaceful drive for anyone on the road. 

SealTech Technology 

Any driver would love to have puncture-proof tyres. One of the latest tyre improvements by Goodyear can offer this to you. With the help of SealTech technology, you will get puncture protection for up to 5 millimetres. It would automatically seal the punctures within the tyre tread area. The rubber compounds are capable of sealing the puncture even when the object is removed from the tyre.

When you accidentally drive over a nail or any other object, there is no need to stop your vehicle. That’s because SealTech technology will kick in and automatically seal the puncture. This will help you to continue with your drive, without wasting any time. After the SealTech technology kicks in, you will not experience any difference in performance. This is one of the most useful technological upgrades available for Goodyear tyres. That’s because you can simply get rid of spare tyres. 

Tall and Narrow Technology

Goodyear introduced the Tall and Narrow technology for their latest Renault Scenic SUVs. In here, tall refers to the diameter of the rim. In other words, these Goodyear tyres come along with a larger tyre diameter. It would ensure lesser tyre deformation along with time. These tyre upgrades also generate less heat. That’s because they lower the rolling resistance. This groundbreaking technology can help you reduce your overall fuel consumption too. Since the tyre is taller, it will offer extra wearable rubber volume. Due to the same reason, you can get better mileage out of the vehicle as well.

On the other hand, narrow refers to the reduced section width of these tyres. This can offer better aerodynamics to you. It can further support you in reducing your overall fuel consumption. On top of that, you can reduce the overall noise that your tyre generates. Apart from that, the narrower tyres would offer excellent aquaplaning resistance to the drivers. 

Urban Crossover 

When exploring Goodyear’s tyre technology, you can’t simply ignore the Urban Crossover technology. This is a concept tyre developed for the latest concept car by Lexus, the Lexus UX. It offers a perfect combination of tyre advancements, including both technology and design. As a result, you will be able to experience excellent comfort levels on the road.

The Urban Crossover tyres can complement the benefits and performance of Lexus vehicles. SoundComfort technology explained above comes as a part of this technology. On top of that, you can find Chip-in tyre technology. It provides important information about your tyre to the onboard computer of the car. Based on the data, your Lexus vehicle will be able to enhance its overall performance and stability. For example, you can enjoy excellent performance when braking or cornering.

Another technology that you can find in these tyres is RunOnFlat technology. It helps you to overcome the hassle of punctures through reinforced sidewalls. Even if there is a complete loss in air pressure, you will be able to continue with your drive. You just need to make sure that you are not driving more than 80 kilometres with a punctured tyre.

Final Words 

Goodyear unveils numerous innovative tyre technologies along with time. Their engineers will continue to do it in the future as well. This eventually helps the drivers to secure a better driving experience on the road. That’s why you should not think twice before getting Goodyear tyres.

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