Why Balancing and Alignment Matter After Getting New Tyres

Posted August 21, 2023

Investing in new tyres? That’s a significant step for ensuring optimal vehicle performance. But the journey doesn’t end with merely fitting them onto your car. Balancing and alignment are equally paramount. Let’s delve into the reasons why.

Basic Understanding of Tyres and Their Importance

  • Role in Vehicle Performance: Tyres are more than black circles. They’re your vehicle’s direct link to the road, affecting stability, handling, and even fuel economy.
  • Safety: With the correct tyre tread and contact patch, they provide the traction needed for braking, accelerating, and turning.

The Process of Installing New Tyres

Swapping old rubber for new might sound straightforward, but there’s an art to it. After all, incorrect installation can lead to issues down the line.

  • Tyre Fitting: This involves placing the new tyre onto the wheel rim and ensuring a snug fit.
  • Bead Seating: It’s crucial to guarantee the tyre’s bead settles correctly to avoid air leaks or uneven seating.

All About Wheel Balancing

What does it mean to balance a wheel? Simply put, it’s about ensuring the weight of the wheel and tyre combo is evenly distributed.

  • Why It’s Essential:
    • Avoids vehicle vibrations.
    • Ensures even tyre wear.
    • Provides a smoother driving experience.
  • The Science Behind It:
    • Static Balancing: Adjusts for vertical imbalances.
    • Dynamic Balancing: Corrects lateral and vertical imbalances simultaneously.

Unpacking Wheel Alignment

Now, alignment isn’t just about your wheels pointing forward.

  • The Components:
    • Camber: The inward or outward tilt of your wheel when viewed from the front.
    • Caster: The forward or backward tilt when viewed from the side.
    • Toe: The extent to which your tyres turn inward or outward when viewed from above.
  • Why It’s Important:
    • Aids in precise vehicle steering.
    • Prevents uneven tyre wear.
    • Contributes to the overall longevity of your tyres.

Balancing and Alignment: Beyond the Basics

Balancing and aligning your new tyres isn’t just a recommendation; it’s a necessity.

  • Safety Concerns: Misalignment can cause your car to drift. An unbalanced wheel can give rise to vibrations, reducing your control.
  • Performance: You’d want top-notch road grip, wouldn’t you? Well-maintained tyres ensure that.
  • Economic Sense: Think of fuel economy. Well-aligned tyres roll with less resistance. Less resistance equals better fuel efficiency.

Our Roads, Our Tyres

We all know the unique challenges our roads present. With diverse terrains, from coastal highways to rugged interior paths, your tyres need to be in top shape. Proper balancing and alignment cater to these varied demands.

Regular Checks: The Way Forward

You’ve got those new tyres, balanced and aligned them; what next? Regular inspections.

  • Signs You Can’t Ignore:
    • Your steering feels off? Could be an alignment issue.
    • Feel a vibration? Time for a balance check.
    • Notice irregular tyre wear? Don’t waste time; get it inspected.

Economic Implications: Save Now, Smile Later

Think long term. Proper tyre care isn’t just about safety; it’s about savings too.

  • Balancing and alignment can extend the tyre lifespan.
  • A smooth ride means fewer visits to the mechanic.
  • A well-maintained tyre ensures optimal fuel savings.

Brendale Goodyear: Your Trusted Tyre Partner

At Brendale Goodyear, we don’t just sell tyres. We’re committed to ensuring they offer you the best ride possible, whether you buy from our store or online. Our team of experts understands the nuances of tyre fitting, balancing, and alignment. Trust us to have your back (and your wheels) every kilometre of the way.


Taking care of new tyres extends beyond purchasing and fitting. Balancing and alignment form the backbone of tyre maintenance. Ensure a smooth ride, longevity, and optimal performance by giving them the attention they deserve. And remember, should you need assistance, Brendale Goodyear is always here to help.