Why SUV Drivers Rely on Goodyear Tyres Year-Round

Posted February 22, 2024

Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) have become increasingly popular amongst Australian drivers in recent years. Their rugged build and larger size makes them well-suited for navigating this vast continent’s varied terrain and road conditions. However, their design also places greater demands on tyres to maintain grip and stability. This is why many SUV owners rely on Goodyear tyres to keep them safe on the road all year round.

The Challenges SUVs Place on Tyres

With their taller stance and boxier shape, SUVs have a higher centre of gravity than regular passenger vehicles. This reduces stability and increases the risk of rollover accidents if tyres lose traction. The heavy weight of SUVs also puts more stress on tyres, increasing wear and the chances of blowouts or other failures. These factors mean drivers must select tyres carefully to minimise risks.

In addition, SUVs are often taken off-road or driven on rougher backroads. Their tyres must withstand impacts from rocks and rutted tracks without damage. Drivers also want robust treads to maintain grip on loose surfaces like dirt, gravel or sand.

During winter, SUV drivers need tyres that can handle snow and ice. The extra weight makes it harder to brake and turn safely on slippery roads. Quality tyres help give control back to the driver in these conditions.

Why Goodyear is a Trusted Choice

With over 120 years of experience, Goodyear is one of the world’s most trusted tyre brands. SUV drivers choose their tyres for several key reasons:

Advanced Designs and Testing

Goodyear engineers carefully test their tyres on vehicles similar to SUVs. The design focus is on stability, grip, and durability to meet the demands of larger 4WD and AWD vehicles. Sophisticated 3D modelling and simulation technology is used to refine tread patterns. Real-world testing ensures tyres are ready for all road conditions.

All-Terrain Capability

Goodyear’s Wrangler range provides exceptional off-road performance without compromising on-road comfort and handling. The sturdy construction and lug tread pattern remain stable over rough terrain. Shoulder blocks provide extra grip when cornering on tarmac or hard-packed dirt. An aggressive self-cleaning design prevents mud and sand buildup.

Winter Functionality

For driving on snow and ice, Goodyear’s WinterCommand tyres are an ideal choice. The tread features hundreds of biting edges for traction, along with zigzag sipes that provide extra bite on slippery surfaces. The tyres stay flexible even in extreme subzero temperatures. This results in shorter braking distances and better control.

Long-Lasting Durability

Goodyear uses advanced materials like Kevlar in their tyre construction. The casing is designed to resist punctures and damage from off-road use. Drivers enjoy better value from long-lasting tread life, meaning fewer costly replacements. Fuel efficiency is also optimised through improvements like lower rolling resistance.

Australian Conditions

As a leading global brand, Goodyear still tailors many tyres specifically for Australian conditions. Their local testing and R&D ensures ideal performance on our harsh roads, through sun, rain, wind and heat. Models like the Wrangler DuraTrac meet the unique demands of outback and country driving.

Key Benefits for SUV Owners

While individual models offer varied advantages, Goodyear tyres provide SUV drivers with several consistent benefits:

  • Safety – Advanced design and compounds enhance wet weather grip, reducing risks of aquaplaning or losing control. Tough construction protects against blowouts.
  • All-Season Versatility – With a quality set of Goodyear tyres, SUV owners can confidently drive in any season without swapping between summer and winter tyres.
  • Peace of Mind – Goodyear’s reputation and warranties give drivers confidence in the reliability and longevity of their tyres. Breakdowns are minimised.
  • Performance – Responsive handling, improved braking distances, and traction give SUVs sporty capabilities alongside utility. Goodyear optimises tyre performance.
  • Value – Although premium tyres, Goodyear provides a worthwhile return on investment through extended tread life and fuel savings.

For SUV owners wanting to exploit their vehicle’s full capabilities, Goodyear tyres are an ideal solution. Their robust construction and technologically advanced design provides a balance of on and off-road control in all conditions. Drivers can head out with confidence, knowing their Goodyear tyres will get them there dependably.

Brendale Goodyear – Your Local Tyre Experts

As a leading Goodyear authorised dealer based in Brendale, we have a full range of tyres to suit SUVs and 4WDs. Our experienced fitters can assess your vehicle and advise on the best options from the Goodyear range. We only use advanced fitting equipment to ensure your new tyres are balanced and aligned properly.

For friendly local service and expert tyre advice, contact our team at Brendale Goodyear. We provide tyre fitting, wheel alignments, maintenance, and emergency repairs. Goodyear gives us the product confidence – we give you the service.


Why are SUV tyres under more stress than regular car tyres?

Due to their taller stance, heavier weight and use off-road, SUV tyres must withstand greater stresses. The higher centre of gravity increases loads on the tyre when cornering. More torque and power accelerating also stresses the tyres. Off-road use adds impacts from rocks, ruts and debris.

How do Goodyear tyres enhance safety for SUVs?

Goodyear optimises the tread compound, pattern and construction for superior wet grip and handling. This prevents loss of control in wet conditions, along with shorter braking distances. The robust casing protects against punctures and damage, reducing blowout risks on highways.

Should I change to winter tyres for SUVs in cold weather?

For most SUV drivers, a good set of all-terrain or all-season Goodyear tyres will perform well year-round. They provide enough snow and ice traction without needing full winter tyres. However, for frequent snow country use, a winter tyre may give slightly better results.

Do Goodyear tyres help improve the fuel economy of SUVs?

Yes, Goodyear tyres are designed to reduce rolling resistance, resulting in improved fuel efficiency compared to budget tyres. Low rolling resistance means the tyres conserve more energy rather than wasting it through friction with the road. This directly improves MPG.