Goodyear Assurance TripleMax 2 Tyre

The Assurance TripleMax 2 is really good at stopping on wet roads, it makes driving easier and more comfortable.


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The Assurance TripleMax 2 tyre offers impressive braking performance, particularly in damp conditions. This improvement is made possible by the innovative HydroTred technology, delivering maximum grip and enhanced safety during wet weather. The tyre’s unique design and new compound contribute to a reduction in braking distance up to a significant 5.6 metres*. The asymmetric tread design and improved tyre structure offer superior handling and ride comfort. This tyre is therefore designed to provide drivers with a safer and more relaxed journey.

HydroTred Technology:

  • Enhances braking efficacy on damp surfaces. This top-notch technology offers superior control, making your drives safer even in wet conditions.

Unconventional Tread Pattern and Cavity Design:

  • This tyre boasts an asymmetrical design that substantially improves handling. In addition, the distinctive cavity shape enhances steering accuracy, contributing to a more confident and controlled drive.

Thoughtfully Designed Tread Pattern:

  • With slim shoulder grooves, a greater number of pitches, and edges crafted to minimise noise, the Assurance DuraPlus 2 tyre delivers an exceedingly quiet and comfortable ride. This design attention ensures you can enjoy a smooth journey with minimal disturbance.

In a nutshell, the Assurance DuraPlus 2 tyre is a fusion of advanced technology and thoughtful design, promising a driving experience that is safe, precise, and quiet.


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Front Size Rear Size
Sku 544935 544935
Application Passenger Passenger
Section Width 175 175
Aspect Ratio 65 65
Rim 14 14
Load Index 82 { represents load carrying capacity: 475 kg } 82 { represents load carrying capacity: 475 kg }
Speed Rating H { represents max speed capability: 210 km/h } H { represents max speed capability: 210 km/h }
Run Flat N N
Side Wall Lettering BLT BLT
Nominal Od / Overall Diameter 584 584
Radial Diagonal R R
Ply Rating SL SL
Tube Type TL TL


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