Goodyear Eagle LS2 Tyre

A quality performance tyre for SUVs for a smooth, quiet ride and all-weather handling.


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The EAGLE LS2 tyre stands as an exemplary product, offering an ultra-smooth drive while ensuring optimum performance in varying conditions. Thanks to its innovative design, this tyre maintains a quiet operation and guarantees a contemporary appearance.

SUV Type

Features & Benifits

Key Features:

  • Advanced Tread Design: The EAGLE LS2 tyre boasts a symmetric, self-contained tread block pattern. It utilises a unique, computer-aided design to keep tread noise to a minimum, promising a tranquil journey.
    • Benefit: This ensures your drive is peaceful and enjoyable, free of the common tyre noise nuisance.
  • Efficient Water Evacuation: The tyre features broad circumferential grooves that effectively remove water from beneath the tread.
    • Benefit: This enhances grip in wet conditions, boosting your safety and confidence on slippery roads.
  • Innovative Sidewall Styling: It also incorporates high-end sidewall styling, providing a modern look.
    • Benefit: This gives your vehicle a sleek, contemporary appeal.
  • Superior Tread Block: The tread blocks have been precisely optimised to provide an exceptionally smooth, quiet ride.
    • Benefit: A quiet ride adds to your driving comfort, making every journey a pleasure.

Internally, the tyre comprises twin steel belts, reinforced with nylon. This structure varies based on the size and speed requirements of the specific model.

  • Benefit: This reinforcement gives the tyre robust strength and the capacity to withstand high-speed driving conditions, promising longevity and reliability.

In conclusion, the EAGLE LS2 tyre offers an unbeatable blend of elegance and functionality, designed for the discerning driver who prioritizes comfort, performance, and style.


Front Size Rear Size
Sku 536608 536608
Application SUV Highway SUV Highway
Section Width 225 225
Aspect Ratio 55 55
Rim 18 18
Load Index 98 { represents load carrying capacity: 750 kg } 98 { represents load carrying capacity: 750 kg }
Speed Rating H { represents max speed capability: 210 km/h } H { represents max speed capability: 210 km/h }
Run Flat N N
Side Wall Lettering BLT BLT
Nominal Od / Overall Diameter 705 705
Radial Diagonal R R
Tube Type TL TL


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