Goodyear Wrangler SR/A Tyre

Excellent performance on highways for heavy-duty utes.


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Introducing the WRANGLER SR/A tyre, an exceptional choice for your highway driving needs. This tyre offers a range of benefits that include enhanced traction, optimal tread wear, excellent handling on wet roads, and a remarkably quiet ride. Designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty utes, it has earned the trust of many as original equipment.

SUV Type

Features & Benifits


  • Zigzag microgrooves: These specialized grooves provide superior traction on rainy, snowy, and icy surfaces.
  • TredLock® microgrooves: Equipped with biting edges, these microgrooves enhance wet traction and lock together for confident grip during turns.
  • Wide circumferential grooves: These grooves effectively displace water from the tread, improving traction in rainy conditions.
  • Exclusive wet traction compound: The specially formulated compound of this tyre ensures reliable traction on wet roads.


  • Enhanced traction in rain, snow, and ice: The zigzag microgrooves offer superior traction on slippery surfaces, ensuring a safer driving experience.
  • Confident grip in turns: The TredLock® microgrooves provide biting edges, enabling the tyre to maintain a firm grip on wet surfaces even during turns, enhancing overall control.
  • Improved traction in rain: The wide circumferential grooves effectively channel water away from the tread, resulting in enhanced traction on wet roads.
  • Reliable traction on wet roads: The exclusive wet traction compound of this tyre ensures that you can confidently navigate wet road conditions, promoting a secure and comfortable ride.

With its exceptional features and benefits, the WRANGLER SR/A tyre is the ideal choice for highway driving, providing you with enhanced safety and performance while delivering a quiet and comfortable journey.


Front Size Rear Size
Sku 531719 531719
Application SUV Highway SUV Highway
Section Width 265 265
Aspect Ratio 60 60
Rim 20 20
Construction LT (Light Truck) LT (Light Truck)
Load Index 121/118 { represents load carrying capacity: Single=1450 kg / Dual=1320 kg } 121/118 { represents load carrying capacity: Single=1450 kg / Dual=1320 kg }
Speed Rating S { represents max speed capability: 180 km/h } S { represents max speed capability: 180 km/h }
Run Flat N N
Side Wall Lettering VSB VSB
Nominal Od / Overall Diameter 826 826
Radial Diagonal R R
Ply Rating 10 10
Tube Type TL TL


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